Sunday, 28 June 2015

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!

I passed the test!

I was quite nervous on Friday, but while I was waiting my interview turn, I could hear other people's interview. Some of them are not prepared anything, without original documents and passport or anything but themselves came to interview. Officers were calmly said "Did you read the instruction? I can't give you citizenship just because you rock up say 'hey I need citizenship', you know?"  That's funny. She said "I can't read English" Officer looked at her said "But you fill the form with English" She was mumbling. I couldn't hear but short afterwards, she booked another interview in August that was the closest day for next interview. She wasn't happy and said "I need passport in July" Well, that wasn't work at all of course and with very disappointed face she left.

Someone had criminal record and changed his own name and thought officer won't notice, maybe.
Of course the officer noticed and said "We can't give you the citizenship"
The man stood up and said "Why? I'm not local living and took 2 hours to get here and this is not first time! I came here 3 times and twice I have created forms and cost a lot. Tell me why I have to come here again and again and get nothing!"
He was angry and almost screaming. Everyone here it. Then officer cleared his voice and loudly said, "Yes, I understand you are frustrated but you have criminal records on 2002 and 2007! And you have changed your name to apply the forms and now you brought the documents has another different names. How do you think I can give you the approval?"
Oh... Everyone looked at each other quietly and looked down. That would be a problem. So the man sit down again and start talking quietly. Oh dear.

The waiting room looked like the waiting room in the bank. Officers booths are around and waiting seats are in the middle. You have to wait until your number called and go to the dedicated booth. My turn came after 20 or so minutes. I smiled like a shop assistant. Officer looked at me and sip her coffee. She is the one attended with the woman with nothing brought with her. "Did you bring all the docs?" She asked. Yes, here they are. I checked 3 times night before and once more in the morning.
I didn't forget anything.
I think.
I hope.

The interview went smoothly. and she took my face photo for evidence. Then said "Did you bring the police check?" I turned white. Police check? What is that for? I don't have one and I didn't think it was on my list. "um... no?" She smiled at me "well, it's ok, we can process without it but I can't give you approval until you get the police check" "Why do I need police check? I read all the instruction and I believe it wasn't in my list" "Well, yes. We gave you the email on 12 May... when you get first granted permanent visa 1997, you weren't in Australia - until  December 2000. Where were you for that period?" Huh? my head span like hamster on the wheel. "I... was in Japan" So the office smiled again. "Yeah. so we need that period of time police check from Japan" "H- how can I get that? Do I have to go back to Japan?" Again? I just went there in April. I can't go back so soon or I don't want to go there for just a bloody police check?

In the end it was easily done at the Japanese consulate. Phew...

So the office was very helpful and friendly and got all organised and I moved to the exam room. The exam was 45 minutes. But it has only 20 questions and select one out of 3 answers.  It was nothing like sample exam test that government provided on their website. It was quite straight forward and no tricky questions.  I finished within 10 minutes but this is it. If I fail ? I don't know I may need to take another test again or maybe I cannot get the citizenship. It has to recheck so I didn't make any silly mistakes. So I rechecked twice. All looks good. Ok, I need to proceed. It felt like I'm pressing the button for nuclear missile or something. I closed my eyes and pressed "proceed". Computer made a ding sound and message came out "calculating..." The exam officer sneakily(?) stood behind me and said "Sorry..."
What? I almost jumped up and looked at her repeated the word she said in my head "Sorry?"
But then she continued, "...Computer is very slow. Taking time..." "Oh. ah. Ok..." (Don't say SORRY, You bitch!! - Well, ok, I didn't think bitch but I was panicked a bit)
After 20 seconds or so - that was quite long enough. It felt like waiting for death sentence -  She happily yelled "Congratulations! You passed!" I jumped up again. (DON'T YELL YOU, WOMAN! I was tense!) Other testers lift up their faces for the moment and back on computer. Oh... if I fail, I wonder she might yell, "I'm sorry you failed. come again!" or something.
I'm glad it's over.
I no longer looking at the how the government structured or which part of arm does this job and so on.
I still have to get the police check (which I found later takes 2-3 months to receive it... another headaches) and after get police check I have to attend the ceremony (which also waiting list for couple of months) then I can finally apply Australian Passport. But it's all done now. I hope I can get it by end of this year.

My husband said we should cerebrate with Aussie beef Pie and AFL game... with Victoria Bitter (beer).

Yeah, sure. Too easy, mate!

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Well, so tomorrow.

Big day.

I'm going to take Australian Citizenship test and interview tomorrow.

I hope the test is not too complicated and pass it at once. I studied but you see, I'm not big on politics and not familiar with roles of departments of government.
I can answer how many states are in Australia or what's in the Coat of Arms or what colour of the Australian aboriginal flag or when is the Anzac day or things like that.

The test will be like;

1. On 1 January 1901, what's happened?
2. What is referendum?
3. Which arm of government has power to interpret and apply the low?
4. What is the role of governor -General?

OK, #1, easy. The Constitution took effect. Became Commonwealth of Australia.
#2, well, uh. it's something like a special vote to change the constitution, I think. Beyond that I have no idea.
#3, Wh-which arm? how many arms? Oh... I think 3. We have 3 arms. And... Judicial power has that power. Parliament has the power to make and change the laws which is Legislative power and last one is Executive power which has the power No, I don't remember. Oh, ok, Power to put the laws into practice. And they are include Government ministers and Governor-General. I have to remember that..

And #4, Oh, I'm so bored.

See, I'm not really interested in politics or government. I've never good at remember who the who. So I have to study harder for the test tomorrow. Mind you, they are all selective test so if I cannot remember, I can roughly guess which one in worst case of scenario. They are only 20 questions (from 80 odd pages of booklet)

When I have things to do, my mind always wondered away. And always get something exciting ideas comes up. Not fair. I have to write down for later...

So I'm not drawing today. Hope tomorrow (after the exam) I can draw something from these exciting ideas. :)

Oh by the way just in case if anyone interested in the answer for #4, The governor General's job is sign the bills, signs regulations, approves the appointment of the Australian government and officials. And No, I didn't remember, I just looked at the textbook. Yeah, have to study.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kung Fu Panda

My young son wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda again last night so we watched after dinner. It is such a good movie and I love it. Po has a strong ego but blended in with charming character and comically well done. Jackie Chan is the Monkey but he never speaks. Haha. I understood that they are making 3 now? Looking forward to see it :)

This is not the new but when I was doing 30day drawing challenge I drew.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Christopher Lee

I was away and had a fantastic foodie weekend with friends at Brae. But then I didn't fully recover from the cold got worth. So I was in bed yesterday and back to life today. Don't like winter so much...

So I was a bit less energy today and try to think anything to draw. Easy solution, go to Oz Comics. Yes, new topic is out there today. And the topic was Christopher Lee.

I never watched Dracula movie (as I hate horror) and didn't know he is the one. I like him as actor and he is an impressive man. If he wasn't acting, he can be professor or Ambassador or something. A little boring than actor I guess. Sad and sorry for the loss for the families and friends. He will live forever in the movies and our hearts. Peace.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

OZ Comics DrawOff #200

Well, so I have applied this one at Oz Comics #200. Last Draw Off I have done was #129. Wow... That was a long time ago.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Be an Australian

I was drawing myself today. Originally I thought making serious version but decided to make more like my style - comical one. Here is the process.

I live in Australia nearly 15years. No, nearly 16years. I have family and friends here and I don't think I'm going back to live in Japan anymore.

In April I went back to Japan and spent a week but what I felt was - I'm a stranger. My Japanese didn't come out smoothly and everyone looked at me like "Not sure she is Japanese or just Asian". Well, I guess I changed hair colour to ash blond and speak strange Japanese like as I learnt Japanese at school and try to practice.

I have leached my mother's age last year (My mother left this world 26 years ago). It felt really strange. I past my mother and still living in strange country -  Or is it? Maybe this is the time I become someone new.

I decided to be an Australian. For that, I need to through out my Japanese citizenship. We don't have dual citizenship so I had to decide. I can't go back to Japanese once I have done. Am I ready for that? I guess. The interview and exam (I need to take a test to be Australian. That's sucks actually but have to be done) within a week. How long ago I had exam... A bit nervous but also excited.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Travel log for kids

I finally got my husband cold. I have got temperature. Sore throat. Body aches. But somehow high temper so I went to the shop and bought two pairs of shoes. Haha.

I didn't feel like something to practice today so I made some print out travel logs for kids.

We travel a lot and my boys are always forced to write diaries. Of cause it is not really great because they don't want to. so I thought if I can make it a little easy. I heard Smiggle have some travel diary so I check it out but it is a little too young for them. They need to write a bit more details and amount. Well, If there is no such a thing at the shop then I should make one for them. So I bought cheap A5 size woolworth essentials exercise book and made some travel log pages to stick on.

This is the first page and stick on like a pocket so they can put their airplane ticket on the first page.

Then, I'll give them some pages for maps driving route or planning to do pages. then every night they can check what they did and see and went and so on with this logs. So I hope it is easier for them to write or little help for remembering things.

It is free to download so if you like to use it please go ahead.