Friday, 17 January 2014

Jaws! Oz Comics Challenge

Dah Nah Dar Nah… Danah danah danah danah.... Yes, the theme music of Jaws. It's back.
I was only 8 or 9 years old first time saw that film. This hell of the scary film changed completely my view of open sea and since then I can't swim or even don't like to go to the sea. If I had to go, I play on the sand or knee deep is the deepest I could go to the water. I hate under the water touching unknown creatures with my bare foot and scream if I see anything I can't identify. Bad thing is that I have bad eyesight so 1m away thing without glasses are burr, so everything basically scared me.
Bad, bad movie that is.  Somewhat I'm living in Australia, often hear the news of shark attack and remind me the film and traumatic childhood. Burrr...

Anyway, so I challenged Oz Comics draw off this week, but I have noway to colour this shi... excuse me, this ugly shark. If you see me when I was drawing, you probably saw "eek!" type of expression on my face.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oz Comics first act this year

And so this is the first drawing this year.

Oz Comics Challenge Animated Disney Villains.
Great Challenge! One of my old favourite Disney animation is Robin Hood. Yes, The fox is Robin and Prince John is the Lion... I think. So here it is Prince John and Sir Hiss.

My style originally has very much affected by Disney so It wasn't hard to make them look right and so enjoyable drawing Innocent/cute looks Villains. I want to watch it again.... :)


Oh no I didn't post since Robocop!? Feel terrible!

Well, I was working for Zac Power books for a while and was very tight schedule so I was almost canned home working ( Means stuck at home and working hard). Fortunately it is all over - I made 8 books of covers and internal illustrations- and waiting for publishing.

There are the first 4 books cover illustrations. When the other 4 books came out I'll show them here again.

So this year, Originally I was booked in until end of Feb but it shorten so suddenly I have box of free time. I decided to come back to Oz Comics again this year and also planning to start KISEKI again.

Would be all good and stay easy year for me.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ink Drawing RoboCop

So long I haven't visit my own page. I was working full time (kind of) for Zac Power and went holiday so I haven't done any of my hobby drawing nor Oz Comics challenge.

I finished first 4 books of Zac power and had a little break... in the last minute, I have done this RoboCop drawing.

Now I have started next 4 books illustration for Zac so I might disappear again :)  I'll try to come back here and there...

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I was on ski holiday as we always go for winter school holiday family event at Falls Creek snow field. It was beautiful weather and good snow but I had accident with snow boarder and skier. End up with paramedic and hospital, found out my left shoulder was cracked. I can not do anything but stay still and do not lift things and a little by little exercises to regain the muscle around to protect. The bad thing is that I'm a left hander. Well, except for writing. I couldn't draw for a few days (Now I'm ok as long as not over use) eating miserably with my right hand, and minimised chopping and cooking. I couldn't drive so have to walk everywhere (well that was only good thing I guess), couldn't go shopping so order online food and changing clothes are painful. 

I went to Osteopathy and fixed rest of the bone structure (my neck and back were so out position) and now I feel a bit better and human again. So from yesterday, I start back to work and took a time to finish this one. 

Serenity from Firefly (The TV show).
inked version

coloured version

I don't like machines or mechanic stuff usually but fortunately Serenity has a lot of references on google. So managed to see the details of this space ship and coloured. I used Manga Studio only this time as I try to get used to colouring in it. They have a lot of tools that I've never used and still discovering many more. So actually testing all the tools and enjoyed colouring this.

This is a part of my commission work and I don't think it is appropriate to show all the design unfortunately. When I've got the permission I'll upload here.

Slowly back to normal life and have to get back to work! 

Have a good day everyone.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Congrats for Oz Comics #100

Already #100 for oz comics challenge! wow. This weeks challenge was 100 Bullets. Never heard of? So did I. But a lot of comics that I've never heard of I drew previously.

It took a while to collect the characters and feel of this comic. I hope this one you can feel the noir style Hard-boiled comic book.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jack Nicholson : The Shining

Hello there!

Finally I'm back to my normal routine life. I was ridiculously busy for finishing work before taking holiday and I brought sickness from my holiday so I was sick for a week or two. Long enough to forget what was my routine but now I'm back to work and back to drawing. So happy to come back home to see my Mac and drawing tablet.

Well, so I was craving for drawing! I finished some of my work last week and weekend, so I have a day free time for my own drawings.

First thing first, I missed 2 or 3 weeks of Oz Comics so I wanted to get back there. This weeks topic is THE SHINING. Yes, the horror of Jack Nicholson. My nightmare movie, The Shining. I was only 8 or 9 first time I saw it. Since then I hate horror and avoid to watch it again. But you see, when you are child you remember everything. I remember every scene that become my nightmare even now. But I'm adult and don't need to fear for my parents become crazy and well, Jack Nicholson is not my parent. No need to be worry anymore... Unless at night being alone.

So I challenged the drawing. Amazingly I enjoyed it! Not so fearful as I can see it was just a movie not real and Jack Nicholson is an actor. Excellent actor. So here are a few drawings for The Shining.

Pencil version
Coloured version

Scary wife. Synchronised with my fear.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

OzComics Draw Off: Green Arrow

So much work and work and work! And even I can not show! It is frustrating!

So I have done a day off from work ( isn't it great being freelance...) and went to the hair cut and finished up with draw off Green Arrow. Well, this is excuse but I had cold and taking some drugs, I'm tired of work and kids (sometimes I need break from kids too if I can) and cold winter weather blah blah blah.... I didn't really put effort for this one. No background. not seriously looking for the reference. I like Archers not just green arrow so maybe the idea came from somewhere eles but made up (with my taste) of my Green Arrow. Many artist drew him and many different ways. Some are like superheros some are... just a heros. mine is not a superhero type. So I finished artwork. Not really the best but I've never feel my best so well, it is a part of my practice art.

Mind you, few comments I already received were quite good... in fact better than I thought. So I'm happy now. :)

This is my 3rd time trying Green Arrow and yet still not satisfied my own work which is quite disappointed. but it is getting close to my own I think.